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Ongoing Projects 

The focus of the Young Men’s Health Matters project is to address the critical gaps in the perceptions of young Black men’s health and healthcare. This project seeks to build capacity and infrastructure for a community-academic partnership between Detroit Community Health Connection, a non-profit based health organization, and the University of Michigan School of Nursing.

The purpose of Project Black Male Opinion (BMO) is to understand the willingness and preferences of young Black men with regards to their sexual reproductive health and healthcare and to promote better optimization of sexual reproductive health services that clinics provide to adolescent and young adult Black men through the use of social media. 

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The Use of New Media to improve Access to Sexual Reproductive Health Services among Young Black Males in a Community-Based Setting is an NIH-funded study aimed at examining whether new media (e.g., social media, websites) can positively inform, educate, and reach young Black men, improving access to sexual reproductive healthcare and safe sex behaviors. The information gained from this study will promote the health and wellness of a community of young men online and in person and assist in developing culturally relevant sexual health interventions for generations and beyond.


The National Perspectives of Youth study is led by Dr. Okeoma Mmeje in collaboration with Michigan Medicine, UM School of Public Health, and UM School of Nursing. This study aims to understand attitudes toward home-based STI testing and STI treatment for adolescents and young adults.

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