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Asha Freeman, MPH is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Public Health. She is the study coordinator for the Stay Safe and Young Men's Health Matters projects. She currently serves as a liaison between the UMSON, DCHC, and NSO organization.  



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Kedar Johnson is a junior in the University of Michigan School of Nursing 

. Trained in focus group procedures and the use of our interview guide, questionnaire design, data analysis. He also assists in the development of manuscripts. He enjoys health and wellness, fitness, running and working with youth 




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Keith Johnstone is a junior at the University of Michigan Ross School of Business. He majors in Business Administration with a minor in political science. Keith has a mission to make an impact in his community and assist clinics in providing underserved clientele what they need. He has led focus groups in the Detroit area. 



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Lindsay Miles is a junior in the University of Michigan School of Nursing. While she aspires to further her career in health, she has an interest in teens and young adults. Lindsay has excellent skills in managing social media sites, creating and improving surveys,  creating infographics, and conducting team literature Reviews. 



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Rico Ozuna-Harrison is a senior in the University of Michigan College of LSA. He is a pre-med student and walk-on to the University of Michigan Men's Basketball Team. As a research assistant for Dr. Burns, Rico brings skills in scholarly writing, photography, website design as well as taking lead in focus groups.



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Maya Smith is a second-year medical student at the University of Michigan School of Medicine. She currently works on the MASCS II project. She is interested in gender and health and decreasing the current inequalities facing adolescents and young adults today. 

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